From adult-acne to make-up free!

How microdermabrasion & needling made all the difference for Lori!

Before starting her journey with Australian Skin Clinics, 25-year-old Lori* was suffering with hormonal adult acne that always kept her hidden behind a thick layer of makeup. While adult acne is a common occurrence, it can often result in a lack of confidence for those who feel they should have ‘outgrown’ this phase of their lives. This was the case for Lori, who felt uncomfortable in her own skin.



“I met with an Australian Skin Clinics dermal expert who worked with my to create a customised treatment journey. The first step was to address my active acne with a series of High Performance Microdermabrasions with Jessner Peel,” explained Lori.

The microdermabrasion is a go-to treatment for targeting acne, as it works deeply to cleanse and exfoliate the skin through a detailed 10-step process.

“After my initial series of High Performance Microdermabrasions I saw a massive difference in my skin. I continued with regular treatments when I could, and this helped keep my skin looking fresh and clear.

“I originally had the High Performance with the Jessner Peels to combat my acne, which was amazing. I experienced some peeling after these treatments, which is completely normal and a good response.”

Lori began to see results quickly, and after just two treatments she started to feel more comfortable in her skin and around friends. “I even stopped wearing make-up on weekends,” she said.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment, meaning that there is no pain during the treatment or downtime required afterwards. Clients can return to their normal daily activities right away.

With the acne under control, Lori’s treatment plan then moved onto tightening her pores and achieving an overall smoother and brighter complexion with micro-needling and advanced medi-aesthetic peels. The results spoke for themselves.

“Micro-needling was definitely a stand-out treatment to me. My complexion felt smoother and softer and my make-up seemed to sit better and look better on my skin.

“I then moved onto treatments like the Pigmentation Peel, the results from this were also really great,” said Lori.

Lori continues maintains her results with monthly microdermabrasions and professional homecare products to keep on top of her acne. She no longer feels the need to wear make-up at all occasions, and says it was all thanks to the knowledge and care of her Australian Skin Clinics technicians.

“My technicians always make me feel super comfortable by making sure I understand what exactly each treatment is doing for my skin – they have a huge wealth of knowledge!”

Lori now approaches every day with confidence and wants to tell others considering a consultation to ‘go for it!’

“You won’t regret it. The confidence I have gained from maintaining clearer skin has made me happier and more comfortable in myself.”

If you’re ready to start your journey to clearer skin, book your complimentary consultation with our experienced dermal technicians at your local Australian Skin Clinics today or view our current treatment offers online.

*Client’s name has been changed to maintain privacy.

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